About ELQ

We are a quality leader in the production of transformer substations for renewable energy sources. ELQ S.A. is an entity listed on the New Connect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We have been operating for 45 years – the company’s tradition dates back to the distribution power industry, for which it was a technical base. For several decades our company specialized in the production of transformer substations and distribution equipment.

The company has implemented numerous projects in terms of power supply, internal and external electrical installations for large facilities, industrial plants and housing estates. Using decades-long experience in the power industry, we have become an active player in the renewable energy sources market in recent years. Our advantages are experienced staff, own production with proven technical solutions and long-term business relationships built in the energy market.

We are the only entity that runs a wide range of projects in the area of renewable energy sources, including the development process, production of equipment, construction of power plants, commissioning and technical consulting.

What do we do?

  • Produce transformer substations ( production, assembly, measurements, arrangements  with operators, commissioning and servicing);
  • Construct photovoltaic and wind power plants (comprehensive EPC system);
  • We are one of the largest PV power plant construction groups in Poland;
  • We are developing competencies in energy storage and electromobility;
  • We provide technical consulting services related to the selection of energy devices.

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ELQ S.A ul. Jagiellońska 81/83, tel./fax.:+48 34 366 14 39, NIP: 8992609747, KRS: 0000368054 Kapitał Akcyjny: 10.000.000,00 zł