We carry out projects of comprehensive construction and operation of photovoltaic power plants of various scales and levels of difficulty. We approach each order individually, thus responding to the needs of our customers and investors. ELQ designs, arranges formalities, selects the best components, builds, commissions and launches the entire installation. After construction completion and start-up, we also provide operation and maintenance services for the facility. The construction process of a photovoltaic power plant divides into six major stages:

I. Site selection

The location must allow the setting of a PV installation and its connection by a DSO. It is crucial to find out whether the municipality has a study or a plan that allows the installation of the PV power plant.

II. Development of a conceptual design
The conceptual design is an element of the application submitted to the local power distribution company to obtain connection conditions of the PV power plant to the grid.  The conceptual design determines parameters of the power plant, includes necessary appendices allowing to verify of the parameters of the applied PV structure systems and individual devices (e.g. photovoltaic panels and inverters).
III. Obtaining connection conditions

Obtaining connection conditions is a significant element of the investment. Application for the connection conditions includes submission of legal title to the land (ownership, lease), zoning conditions or Local Spatial Development Plan (in the case of micro installations, the consent of the municipality for the installation and the lack of objections from the county governor’s office are often enough), an overview.

IV. Concession
Energy production from a renewable source concession is obtained while holding a title to the land and connection conditions. It is granted by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office based on a specially submitted application with attachments. The next step is the guarantee to issue a concession
V. Construction
The process consists of the following stages making the foundations, assembling tables, solar panels, inverters, assembling and connecting a transformer substation. The logistics of material supply and works play a crucial role.
VI. Obtaining the license
The last elements of the investment are the following obtaining the concession from the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, registration at Polish Power Exchange (TGE) to trade in green certificates,  commissioning and acceptance of the PV power plant by the DSO.



The construction of a photovoltaic power plant involves complying with numerous formal and legal requirements and obtaining many official approvals. The investor must be ready for a tedious documentation process that poses many problems and requires knowledge of the regulations on administrative proceedings.


The construction of a photovoltaic power plant is divided into several stages and covers an average of 24 months (construction and assembly work last about 2 months). A power plant with a capacity of 1 MW, requires a site of approx. 1.7 ha (the size of the site may change depending on the technology used). The site mustn’t be included in the Natura 2000 programme.


If a site for photovoltaic power plant construction is included in the development plan, it should comprise a provision that the land is to be used for photovoltaic purposes.

PV power plant construction cycle


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