ELQ provides technical consultancy services including comprehensive execution of design work- technical documentation for construction projects and detailed designs together with obtaining a building permit and arrangements with the Distribution Network Operator.

We advise on the selection of power equipment, in particular on the choice of energy storage facilities, we provide maintenance services in the field of diagnostic audit, modernization and repairs of power facilities.

ELQ ensures comprehensive support in advising on the development and implementation of strategic business solutions and operational commercial activities in the electricity, gas and related products market.


In particular we:

  • advise on what to do to buy electricity, gas and related products more cheaply;
  • support in setting up a licensed business in the area of energy trading or distribution;
  • advise on how to set up an energy cluster or energy cooperative;
  • analyse factors and relationships shaping the price of electricity, gas and other raw materials;
  • analyse future volumetric and price trends,

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