Certificate of Conformity No. 042/2019 issued by the Institute of Power Engineering

Our transformer substations successfully passed type tests in the accredited laboratory of the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw and have Certificate of Conformity No. 042/2019.

To ensure customer satisfaction, ELQ always provides MV, LV switchgear and transformers, which are the proposed equipment of our transformer substations, with appropriate certificates, confirming the required technical parameters and the highest quality of workmanship.

Report no. 20/11/36 from the measurement of noise emitted to environment from transformer

The examination was carried out by Zakład Usług Technicznych “ZUT” s.c. Laboratory of Environmental Protection and Working Conditions. The laboratory has Accreditation Certificate no. AB 522 issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation. The scope of the tests included the measurement of noise emitted to the environment by transformers. All tests confirmed the level of emitted noise to be below the permissible value of 50 [dB].

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