We have competencies, resources and reliable partners enabling the execution of wind power plants projects. Each project is approached individually, arranging a scope of support, schedule of works and expenditures and the best technical solutions with an investor. After construction completion and start-up, we also provide operation and maintenance services for the facility. The construction process of a photovoltaic power plant divides into six major stages:

I. Site selection

It is one of the most crucial factors for the successful execution of the wind power plant investment. The investor must choose the best location for the investment in terms of wind conditions, lack of law defects, influence on the surrounding and the environment protection, the grid connection and environmental possibilities.

II. Performing analysis, expert opinions and obtaining permits
This stage comprises performing all analyses, expert opinions and obtaining permits necessary to commence the third stage – construction works. Significant elements of this stage are the following: economic and energy analyses, establishing land development conditions, preparing an environmental impact report, establishing and obtaining grid connection conditions together with a grid connection agreement, executing building design, obtaining the building permit and a guarantee of an operating licence.
III. Construction works – infrastructure development

This stage includes the adaptation and construction of access roads, works related to the execution of the internal electrical infrastructure of the power plant (the connection between individual wind turbines), as well as the execution of the connection to the grid with the necessary instrumentation (transformers, switchgear – if required), works related to the execution of foundations for wind turbines, transport of power plant components and their installation. Upon completion of the works, a technical acceptance and the procedure for obtaining the occupancy permit for the final acceptance will commence.

IV. Commissioning of the power plant and commencement of operations

In this phase, the wind power plant starts electricity production. Wind power plants do not consume any fuel therefore, their operating costs are low compared to the operating costs of conventional power plants. In the cost structure, costs related to, among others, repairs, maintenance (servicing), spare parts, administration and operation, taxes and insurance can be distinguished.

V. Decommissioning of the farm

In the case of wind energy investments at the decommissioning phase, i.e. after the exploitation completes, it is necessary to restore the site to its pre-investment condition and appearance. In the case of wind power plants, it involves removal of the wind turbines and their disposal, dismantling of the existing internal electrical infrastructure, removal of all buildings (monitoring station), as well as, what seems to be the most costly, removal of the huge foundations and development of the land after them.

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