Solar energy

Solar energy is the most abundant source of renewable energy. It is also the cleanest and most accessible source of energy. Due to its universal character, solar energy can be used almost everywhere on earth.

A photovoltaic farm is a ground installation that allows not only for a significant reduction in electricity bills but also for generating additional profits.

ELQ SA executes the construction of farms in the EPC system:

  • updating the documentation
  • design
  • production and supply of transformer substations
  • the construction of the PV power plant
  • execution of connections, measurements and approvals

We have created the largest executive group that builds PV power plants in Poland in the EPC system.

Today, our group, together with partners, employs almost 350 qualified and experienced workers on construction sites. In April, two Partners joined our group, enlarging the group of executives by another 150 people directly on PV power plants. In this way, our Group is the largest contractor in Poland with the capacity to build almost 300 MW per year. We use mostly our own equipment, which makes it easier to plan the construction. We employ the best site managers, supervising inspectors and project managers. We have our own mobile service and teams taking all the measurements in the field, for all the needs of DSOs. We have 4 own design offices in the group, which perform for our needs construction projects, prepare documentation for offices and counties, documents for the concession for the Energy Regulatory Office and obtain a permit to use the power plant.

ELQ S.A. We invite you to contact us.


We specialize in the production of prefabricated MV/nn transformer substations, electrical switchgears and comprehensive investments in the supply, installation and commissioning of equipment and power installations. We also build solar farms (PV power plants) in EPC turnkey system. We provide a full range of services in the "Design - Build" system. We design and update the documentation.


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